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One of the best advantages of Plastering your internal walls wether that be your kitchen or any other room in your property is that not only does it strengthen considerably after drying adding protection to your walls but with the right finish this can be very stylish and decorative.


Plastered walls tend to be very durable in comparison to other solutions.


It is always advised to acquire the services of a proffesional plastering service to ensure you are able to achieve the best finish.


The preparation of the wall or ceiling is crucial to a good finishing product. Before begining work we will always protect or cover your floors and possesions before commencing any work.


We will now begin to assess the suitability of the area to be plastered and make good any necessary repair work that may be required. Once this has been completed we can now begin to seal the area and prepare for either a bonding coat or the finishing coat depending on the surface the plaster is to be applied to. A coat of tacky PVA is applied in most cases to help  adhere the plaster to the wall and prevent moisture escaping too quickly by being drawn into the dry wall surface. Sometimes 2 coats of PVA are required.


We are now ready to begin applying the final finishing coat. Heres where it all comes together and where a professional Plasterer comes into their own. The art of plastering not only incorporates acieving a perfectly smooth and attractive surface but also and just as importantly a level surface. There is no point in having a walls as smooth as a babies bum with the lean of the Tower of Pisa!


The final step to the process is after allowing the plaster to dry slightly of 'go off', polishing it for the ultimate smooth and silky finish.


After a day or so of drying the area is ready to decorate.




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